5 Good Reasons Why a Solid Roof is the Right Choice for Your Conservatory

As a homeowner, it’s only normal that you want to keep your house in fantastic condition – both inside and out. This means identifying and fixing problems before they become serious and costly!

Do you find your conservatory is too hot in summer and too cold in winter? Considering spending a small fortune on conservatory blinds to tackle the problem? You might be better off considering a roof replacement. Here are our reasons why:

1. Tiling is Traditional

Though many new conservatories feature a glass roof, tiles are the traditional choice. If you’re in a conservation area or own a listed property, choosing a tiled roof can make obtaining planning permission for a conservatory more straightforward. Even if you live in a non-listed traditional property, and simply want to maintain a period style, then solid conservatory roofs are the smart and elegant choice.

2. You Can Use Your Conservatory All Year Round

Tiled roofs avoid the too hot/too cold dilemma so you can have proper all year round use of your conservatory. A solid roof will cut the sun’s glare, too. This means you can enjoy sitting in there in the long summer evenings, as well as the colder wintery nights.

3. Save on Your Energy Bills

Trying to heat a glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatory can be both incredibly inefficient and a waste of money. Let a solid roof do the work of conserving energy for you, without compromising on the amount of light and space you enjoy. It’s an affordable way to improve your existing conservatory’s energy efficiency and the sensible addition for a new build.

icon of house energy efficiency rating with green background
4. Cut Out Nuisance Noise

Glass isn’t just a poor thermal insulator, it’s inefficient at cutting noise too. If you envisage your conservatory as a peaceful haven to pursue crafts, read a book or even intend to use it as a home office, then you should consider solid conservatory roof styles.

5. A solution for every conservatory

Although tiled roofs work most effectively with a solid brick construction, there are lightweight tile solutions to retrofitting a solid roof if you have a PVC conservatory. As a solid roof specialist, Sentinel Solid Roof can advise you on the right solution for your existing or newly built conservatory. Contact us today and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to advise you.