How to Choose the Right Style for Your New Conservatory

Home improvements can be really exciting to plan out. The thought of extra space, a new area to decorate, a colour scheme to choose and décor to select will make you feel like a child at Christmas, but sometimes it can a little bit confusing too.

There are so many things to think about that you can find yourself getting bogged down or not knowing what to do for the best, and when it comes to selecting a style for your new conservatory, a lot of people struggle to make up their minds.

That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help you…

Styles for Smaller Properties

A lot of the time, those considering a conservatory want to expand their home, and many smaller properties will have them fitted to add a bit of extra space. Unfortunately, your garden may be limited in terms of its size, so you have to find something that fits. Square or rectangular options are often a good choice, as they can be set against alcoves or protrusions to make the most of the available area. A domed roof can be incorporated to give the impression of greater size without actually increasing the floor plan, so consider a range of conservatory roof styles before settling on the right one for you.

Conservatory Exterior

Styles for Period Properties

The style of the property is as important a consideration as its size, and modern uPVC designs can look really out of place when set beside original features. This is why bricks and materials should be carefully chosen, in order to complement the rest of your home. Style choices such as tiled roofs can look very aesthetically pleasing as they blend seamlessly with the overall image.

Styles for Modern Homes

Should you have a modern home instead, your choice will be made a lot simpler, and almost any style of conservatory will suit. Glass extensions, in particular, create an open and inviting façade, and complement the airiness of contemporary properties. Allowing light and air to flood your house, they offer outstanding views of outside areas and will allow you to admire the great outdoors from the warmth of your home even during the coldest, greyest days of winter.

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