Improve Your Home in 2017 With a Conservatory

If your new year’s resolution is to declutter your home and create a sense of open plan space, then you may be considering an extension to your property. Adding an extension offers useful and flexible space but can be a huge undertaking in terms of time, money and disruption to everyday living. If it’s extra living, rather than sleeping space, you need, then a conservatory is the answer.

shot of a modern winter garden

Bring the Outdoors in

Conservatories are unmatched in bringing your outdoor and indoor spaces seamlessly together. Letting natural light into your home is essential for your wellbeing – it boosts serotonin and tops up your vitamin D levels – and there’s no better way to let the sunshine in, even during the dark winter months, than with a conservatory.

Create a Flexible Living Space

Conservatories create the open plan living spaces that are so on-trend, allowing you to plan that dream kitchen-diner or deluxe home office with plenty of head height. Open plan creates sociable spaces that reflect the way we live now and can optimise the living space for smaller properties. Choose the right style of conservatory and there’s no limit to how you can use it.

Declutter Your Home

With careful planning and the right construction, you can create a calm and relaxing space where clutter is under control thanks to clever and valuable storage space. Use multi-purpose storage seating, open shelves with baskets and built-in cupboards to keep your conservatory and the rest of your home streamlined and clutter-free.

Year Round Usability

We’ve blogged before about the ways that a conservatory can help you make your home more energy efficient. Choose the right style of solid conservatory roof and you’ll find your new open plan living space is a pleasure to be in all year round – it will be neither too hot nor too cold and it will keep out nuisance noise as well.


Ask the Experts

If you’re planning a conservatory in 2017, then contact us and we’ll help you to create an outdoor/indoor open plan living space that will add value, comfort and flexibility to your home.

Photo: Old Swan House by HerryLawford licensed under Creative commons 4