How to Keep a Conservatory in Keeping With Your Period Property

For many people, sticking a white UPVC conservatory on a beautiful period property is nothing short of travesty, however it’s the cheapest and easiest way to increase the living space of your home. If you’re either hoping to adapt an existing conservatory to make it more in keeping with your property, or you’re at the beginning of your journey of getting a conservatory fitted, then read on for how to make it more in keeping with your period design.

The Wood Look

Depending on the framework of your existing windows, it’s more than possible to create a conservatory that follows the same style. UPVC is of course the most durable option, but if your existing window frames are dark wood and not white they simply won’t match. These days however, you can find conservatory frames made in a wood-grain style UPVC which will blend with your existing woodwork.

A Solid Roof

A solid roof is the ideal way to keep a conservatory in keeping with your property. Solid roof specialists will assess what your existing roof tiles are and use some that are as close as possible or are complementary. The benefits of a solid roof for your conservatory even go beyond the simple aesthetic. They are warmer in winter, cooler in summer, more energy efficient and more sound proof.

On the Inside

It’s just as important to ensure the interior is in keeping with the rest of your home as it is with the exterior. Try to match the floors as much as possible, perhaps by laying down engineered wood if your home has real wood flooring, or at least matching the carpets. A true conservatory won’t have walls that need decorating, but if you do insert any wall panels, keep the decor the same as the room it is adjoined too.

modern conservatory - iStock_000012204501_Large
As you can see there are plenty of ways to ensure your conservatory blends with your existing home, whether you live in a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian property. Solid tiled roofs and wood-appearance frameworks are the best ways to ensure a similar overall aesthetic, but don’t forget about the inside too.

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