Moving Versus Building a Conservatory

Space or lack of it is a common problem for many people. Perhaps your family is growing or you need space for a home office or a guest bedroom. Moving house is the obvious choice to solve this age old problem, but before you rush out and put your house on the market, why not consider creating space with a beautiful conservatory?

Moving is Expensive

There’s no getting away from it – moving house is expensive. Conveyancing costs, searches, stamp duty, valuations, the list seems endless. And then there’s the cost of the actual moving day. Before you know it, you have spent thousands of pounds.


While moving house is a fresh start for many people, when it comes to making friends and building relationships, you are starting afresh. Unless you are staying in the same catchment area, your children will have to make new friends at school, which can be difficult, particularly if your children are older and have already built solid friendships.

Finished conservatory outside

Benefits of Creating Space Wwith a New Conservatory

No Upheaval

Creating more space with a conservatory means that you can stay in the location you already know and love and in the house which you have made into a home. The children can stay in the same school, keeping the friends they have already made.


A well built conservatory gives you a flexible space which can be used for a variety of functions. Perhaps you need a dining area or a playroom for the children? It can even be used as an occasional bedroom for when those unexpected guests turn up! There are no rules when it comes to making use of the extra space a conservatory gives you – just let your imagination run riot.


A conservatory with a solid conservatory roof can be a very cost effective alternative to moving or having an extension built. A good quality conservatory adds thousands of pounds of value to your home. With no horrendous moving costs to find, you will quickly recoup your initial cost.

If you would like to know more about creating more space with a conservatory, contact us for more information.