How to Turn Your Conservatory Into a Home Office

Technological advancements have enabled increasing numbers of professionals to work from home. However, for some people, space can be very much at a premium. Those with young families may already have jam-packed bedrooms with no box room available to transform into a home office.

So, what’s the solution? Well, if you’re fortunate enough to have a conservatory attached to your property, you could actually transform this into your home office instead!

In fact, a conservatory could provide a much more enjoyable working environment than your back bedroom ever could, what with the abundance of natural light every day. For those in creative lines of work, the ability to look out of your conservatory windows towards your garden is a sure-fire way to foster creativity and innovation.


But Do You Go About Making Your Conservatory Fit for Everyday Work?

Space-saving furniture can certainly be your friend in this instance. A corner desk can ensure your computer, monitors and accessories are kept out of the way of the floor space, while self-standing shelving can also help to store folders, books and any other business accessories such as telephones or printers.

The real benefit of working in your conservatory is your ability to partition yourself away from everything else that’s going on in the house. You won’t become embroiled in an argument between your children or asked by your partner what you’d like for dinner – you can shut the conservatory door and get down to business!


How to Solve the Problem of Year-Round Temperatures in Your Conservatory

There is one catch, however – a traditional conservatory will be too hot to work in during the summer and even in the winter months, it’s likely to be more like a fridge at the other end of the spectrum!

So can a conservatory be habitable enough to become a home office?

With solid conservatory roofs, yes it can!


Solid Roof Conservatories Offer Exceptional Energy Performance

Designed as a roof replacement to an existing conservatory roof, it delivers exceptional U-values of 0.18 that provides much superior energy efficiency, particularly in the winter months.

Meanwhile, in the summer, without the plastic sheets on a traditional conservatory roof, your solid conservatory roof tiles can absorb more of the heat, giving your conservatory the same kind of room temperature as the rest of the house.

Within a single hour of installing a solid roof onto your conservatory, it will be weatherproof against the elements and combats condensation in ways aluminium structures simply cannot. If working from home works for you, an investment in a solid conservatory roof will ensure you don’t miss office life one iota.

If you’d like to find out more about solid roof installations for your conservatory, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.